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WD352PL - Developing EJB 3 Applications for WebSphere Application Server V7

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  • This 5-day instructor-led course teaches students how to build Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5) applications that use Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 and the Java Persistence API (JPA).

    Java EE 5 represents a significant evolution in the Java enterprise programming model. It provides application developers with considerable improvements that enhance the development experience and, in turn, productivity. In particular, the EJB 3.0 specification in Java EE 5 provides simplified business logic development, simplified testing and dependency management, and simplified object-relational persistence.

    In this course, students learn about the Java EE 5 component model and the new techniques employed in Java EE 5, such as dependency injection and annotation-based programming. Students also learn how to develop and test the supported types of EJBs (session and message-driven) and JPA entities. �Finally, students gain experience with the various qualities of service provide by the EJB container such as security and transactions, how to create Web services from EJBs, and how to develop EJB clients.

    IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 and IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 provide complete support for the EJB 3 specification. Hands-on exercises throughout this course give students practical experience developing EJBs with IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 and deploying EJB-based applications to IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.

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    • Course introduction
    • Java EE architecture
    • Introduction to EJB 3
    • Session EJBs
    • Exercise: Creating your first stateless session bean
    • The library case study
    • Exercise: Preparing for the library case study
    • Strategies for testing EJBs
    • Exercise: Starting to build the library case study
    • Exercise: Creating a stateful session EJB for the library case study
    • EJB clients
    • Exercise: Developing a Java client application for the library case study
    • Introduction to the Java Persistence API (JPA)
    • Object-relational mapping with JPA
    • Exercise: Developing the entity beans for the library case study
    • Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
    • Exercise: Creating session facades for the entity beans
    • Message-driven beans
    • Exercise: Adding a message-driven bean to the library case study
    • Exercise: Importing a Web user interface for the library case study
    • Managing transactions in EJBs
    • Exercise: Adding transactional integrity to the library case study
    • EJB 3 timers and interceptors
    • Exercise: Adding an EJB timer to the library case study
    • EJBs and Web services
    • Exercise: Creating a Web service from a stateless session bean (optional)
    • EJB security
    • Exercise: Implementing EJB security for the library case study
    • Recommended practices for EJB 3
    • Deployment to WebSphere Application Server V7
    • Exercise: Deploying the library case study (optional)
    • Course summary
    • Inheritance with JPA entities (optional)

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  • This intermediate course is designed for Java developers.

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