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  • Leadership is an art form, developed on the human level and is dynamic in nature. True leaders are always growing and seeking to improve.

    The Leadership Source allows organizations to develop leaders at all levels through an understanding of group dynamic models, leadership styles and organizational tools that enhance communication.

  • The following is an outline and is based on a 1 day course. This can be adjusted to meet company requirements.
    The Leadership Source has several locations to conduct classes depending on the desires of the company.
    Country localities with horses and other activities are available.

    1. Gathering and Disseminating Information
    2. Knowing and Understanding Group Resources
    3. Controlling the Group
    4. Setting the Example
    5. Counseling
    6. Representing the Group
    7. Problem-Solving
    8. Evaluation
    9. Sharing Leadership

  • Certificate of Participation in The Work Design Training

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Major Rocco A. Spencer served with the United States Army for 20 years as an Infantry Officer. Responsible for training and planning for organizations of over 3000 men. As a trainer for AT&T, telecommunications, he was responsible for the development and training of interpersonal skills for staff and call center personnel.

Current event organizer for the annual Napoleonic battle in Będomin Poland for the National History Museum of Gdansk.

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