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  • Participants will acquire knowledge about:
    Process of negotiations and rules related to it’s efficacy.
    Necessary tools for achieving business goals by negotiations (with practising using those tools).
    Adapting tools and process of negotations to their business context and to person that participates in negotiations.
    Participants will acquire skills:
    Effective negotiations including convinsing, strategical reasoning.
    Making and managing concessions in purpose to achieve business goals.
    Preparing for negotiation and to managing it actively.
    Managing difficult situations in negotiations.

    Participants will increase qualifications related to:
    Interpersonal communication.

  • Mudule I. Fundamentals of the negotiation process

    This will be the introduction to the art of negotiation. Depending on the participants’ knowledge on the subject, they will acquire all the necessary elements, or, based on group sharing and engagement, they will adjust the level of their comprehension in order to make other parts of the workshop effective. All elements presented will be illustrated with examples. The participants will present and analyze their relevant experience. All covered elements will reappear – in the practical context – along the workshop flow.

    Topics covered in this section include:

    The nature of negotiation
    The “win-win” concept
    Managing other concepts in the selling and negotiation processes: need, value, feature, benefit, negotiation position, other
    Methods of judging the value of commercial offer – benchmarking
    Negotiation styles
    Negotiation techniques
    Effective selling techniques used during negotiation (on both sides of the table)
    Module II. Preparing for negotiation

    The biggest negotiation advantage is information. The participants will learn how to gather relevant information and how to manage it as part of the preparation for negotiation. The participants will learn to determine the starting point for negotiation and define their negotiation advantage. They will also acquire a number of tools facilitating preparation for negotiation and making managing the process under stress easier. As an exercise, the participants will be preparing for negotiations based on the brief received from the trainer. The exercise will be analyzed in order to eliminate potential issues yet before the negotiation starts.

    Topics covered in this section include:

    Gathering information on the negotiation partner and his or her offer
    Analysis of the negotiation partner as a technique to anticipate the flow of negotiations
    Language and cultural differences in case of negotiating with foreigners
    Gathering information on competition (own and negotiation partner’s)
    Analysis of negotiation positions (own and negotiation partner’s) – SWOT analysis
    Planning the negotiation process as such (time, place, participants, etc.)
    Negotiation list (shopping list) and negotiation LIMIT
    Definition and management of negotiation variables
    Building negotiation argumentation to be used during negotiation
    Module III. Managing negotiation

    Participants will understand the very negotiation process, its phases and their characteristics. They will learn about the possibilities to model particular phases and the pitfalls that can be encountered. They will also learn the concepts and tools that can become helpful during negotiations. They will practice all the elements in the context of real-life simulations that will be continuation of previous workshop exercises.

    Topics covered in this section include:

    Phases of the negotiation process and their characteristics
    Methods of investigating negotiation partner’s needs and positions
    Managing concessions during negotiations
    Effective verbal and non-verbal communication during negotiation
    Influencing techniques used during negotiation
    Empathy and emotional intelligence during negotiation
    Practical use of various negotiation techniques
    Module IV. Solving a negotiation case

    In this module, the participants will have an opportunity to use their negotiation skills in a negotiation game case prepared by the trainer. The group will be divided into two subgroups that will negotiate with each other. This will be an opportunity to practice all key elements linked to effective negotiation. Based on input gathered before the training, the merit content of the negotiation case will be adjusted to job specificities of the participants. The negotiations will be recorded and analyzed for future improvement of participants’ negotiation skills.

  • Diploma.

  • Workshops, exercises, discussion.

  • Leaders and employees of sales department.
    Employees of customer service department.
    Owners of companies.
    Employees who participate in negotiating with clients.
    People interested in negotations topic.

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