Leading High Performance Teams

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  • Program Objectives:
    • Identify core competencies of successful managers
    • Increase awareness of my role and input in organisational success and goal achievement – at the
    personal, team and organisation levels
    • Develop self-confidence and engagement
    • Plan, set goals, delegate, and hold others accountable
    • Apply processes to get performance back on track
    • Use techniques to resolve conflicts and deal with difficult situations

  • 1. Building Foundation for Success. The role of me and my team in
    the success of Organization
    2. Me as a Leader. From Buddy to Boss
    3. Planning and Goal Setting
    4. Effective Delegation Process
    5. Assessing Performance and Giving Feedback
    6. Conflict Management: Managing our Emotions in the Workplace

  • Certificate of the Training Completion

  • 2-day workshop + 1 day follow up
    Individual Action Plans – at the end of the training, each participant will select 3 actions that will commit to implement - with specific steps, time frames and expected results. The individual action plans will be directly related to individual business goals.

  • Managers – with relatively small experience in management position
    (around 1 year) or preparing for a role of manager

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    ewaluacja, raport po szkoleniu
    konsultacje do dni po szkoleniu
    elementy integracyjne

  • Program delivered in English and Polish

Dale Carnegie® Trainers are experienced professionals with real-world experience. In order to
become a Dale Carnegie® Trainer, candidates are rigorously coached and trained in order to
reach the Dale Carnegie Training® standard. In order to be qualified, a coach must have
significant experience in front of groups delivering presentations, as well as completed a
certification process. This means that the Dale Carnegie® Trainers will be of the highest
standard in the training industry.

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