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D8L54PL - Developing IBM� Lotus� Domino� 8.5.2 Applications: Advanced XPage Design

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  • This advanced course builds upon the skills you obtained in the Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 Applications: Intermediate XPages through informative lectures and discussions and hands-on labs.

    In the first half of the course, you will create an XPage and implement advanced controls. The second half of the course covers best practices and how to optimize your XPages.

    Note that building Domino XPage applications will not be taught in this course.

  • Szczegóły na http://dataconsulting.pl/p/opis_D8L54PL

    Day 1

    Lesson 1: XPage architecture review

    • Topic A: Reviewing the XPage architecture
    • Topic B: Using the XPage event model

    Lesson 2: Using Server-side JavaScript

    • Topic A: Realizing the benefits of using Server-side JavaScript
    • Topic B: Calling Server-side JavaScript from Client-side JavaScript
    • Topic C: Using Server-side JavaScript libraries

    Lesson 3: Building themes

    • Topic A: Working with predefined CSS frameworks
    • Topic B: Using themes to set control properties

    Lesson 4: Using advanced Dojo controls

    • Topic A: Overview of Dojo
    • Topic B: Reviewing dijits
    • Topic C: Adding dijits to your XPage
    • Topic D: Using custom built Dojo controls
    • Topic E: Parsing JSON

    Day 2

    Lesson 5: Utilizing best practices

    • Topic A: Coding and performance
    • Topic B: Optimization
    • Topic C: Tagging
    • Topic D: Debugging
    • Topic E: Developer and user documentation

    Lesson 6: Utilizing open source controls

    • Topic A: Working with OpenNTF
    • Topic B: Applying open source controls
    • Topic C: Leveraging mobile capabilities

    Lesson 7: Interfacing to Java

    • Topic A: Overview of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
    • Topic B: Working with the Java perspective
    • Topic C: Working with managed beans
    • Topic D: Extending the XPage application programming interface (API)

    Lesson 8: Extending the data sources

    • Topic A: Using relational data sources
    • Topic B: Working with programmable data sources

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  • The target audience for this in-depth advanced course is the experienced Domino Designer application developers as well as the experienced XPage application developers. This course is also beneficial for the Lotus Domino application developer, administrator, analyst, power user, and others.

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