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Art of negotiation - improving the competence of sales staff and customer service

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  • Benefits for the company:
    • higher efficiency of employees responsible of processes connected with Clients;
    • organizational development through conscious action of employees involved in the process;
    • an increase in customer loyalty employees to product and company;
    • have a strong and committed staff;
    • higher employee motivation;
    • greater employee effectiveness as a result of professional involvement, identification with the company goals;
    • acceptance by employees personal responsibility for a job;
    • Organization Development through employee development and raising business prestige;
    • promoting the organization's pro-active skills development.

    Benefits for participants:
    After completing workshop, students will be able to:
    • formulate effective and motivating negotiating objectives and tasks;

  • I. Negotiator and his personal competence
    1. Style thinking and communication styles - shaping communicative competencies.
    2. Social influence rules, both in the planning and conduct of negotiations.
    3. Language persuasion in the negotiation process.
    4. Types of behavior in the process of communication, influence, negotiation .
    5. Defending against tampering.
    II. Negotiation process
    1. Negotiations as the regulations.
    2. Key negotiating issues.
    3. Main schemes of negotiations.
    4. Conflict management – styles of coping in different situations.
    5. Negotiation, mediation, arbitration, recent controversy, call – as a method to cope in a crisis.
    6. The negotiating situation.
    7. Objectives and strategies in the negotiations.
    8. Negotiating scenarios.
    9. Negotiating techniques
    a. Techniques for opening the process.
    b. Techniques in the course.
    c. Closing techniques.
    III. Negotiations in practice
    1. Practical use of acquired competences.
    2. Simulations.
    3. Negotiating games.


    Classes held in the individual sessions will be carried out by interactive and activating methods based on experience and to allow participants to practice their skills.

    In the course of this lab will be used the following methods of operation:
    a) Case study
    b) practical exercises - of doing a sample task, and will improve skills and/or raise their own efficiency
    c) simulations - of carrying out tasks under conditions similar to actual real, with real tools and materials
    d) discussions - both moderated by coach responsible for the training, as well as multiple discussions
    e) questionnaires/tests - to develop their own attitudes and behavior in respect of the issue
    f) role-playing, i.e. work with a camera allowing a detailed analysis of behavior, action and made choices.

  • TQMsoft certificate

  • • lecture
    • lab
    • workshops
    • examples

  • Designed for:

    People who want to improve their negotiation skills and get more from their business relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues will really benefit from this Effective Negotiation training.
    Training respondents are represented by sales, purchases and customer service.

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